Sneakers-Heat is born from the collaboration of sneakers enthusiasts. We want to share our passion and put at your service our knowledge and know-how to satisfy you.  


Passionate for more than 20 years, our experts guarantee you a genuine authenticity. We make sure that all items on Sneakers-heat.com are 100% authentic. For this, we have created a 3-step verification system: 

1. Origin: All our items come from retail stores that have been authorized to sell the items in our catalogue. 

2. Verification: Each item is verified by hand through a complex process: smell, shape and materials of the article, condition of the box and verification that no accessory is missing. This step is done before the item is put up for sale. 

3. Double Check: Once the item is ordered, it is re-submitted to the verification step before it is sent to shipping. So we lower the risk of error. At Sneakers Heat, we prefer to waste our time and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience.


Accepted payment methods are credit cards (Visa, MasterCard - or debit cards for foreign payments) or payment with PayPal.For French cards, it is now also possible to choose the payment option in 3 times, just select Alma to pay for your purchase and spread the payment over 3 months in a completely secure way.


Once your order has been placed, the processing time may vary from 1 to 2 business weeks depending on the periods. If you want to receive your order before a specific date, we invite you to contact us to make sure you receive it as you wish. All our orders are shipped in a secure package with tracking number.


We accept returns under certain conditions. Please find them here